Magic Dogs of the Volcanoes





Stone Lithography and Silkscreen

magic Dogs

Magic Dogs of the Volcanoes: A glorious celebration of the El Salvador's magic dogs that protect the country and the people.

This story by Manlio Argueta is about the famous mythical animals of Salvadoran folklore. Illustrated by Elly Simmons in gouache, pastel, watercolor, and colored pencil, it is a wonder of magical imagery. Simmons' drawings are alive with the spirit of a community drawn together by their compassion and support for each other.

The cadejos, or magic dogs, have always protected people from danger and misfortune. This book offers a visual banquet presented with comfort and gladness.

Artist autographed copy available for $14.95 + tax and shipping

artist statement

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To reach the artist, contact:
Elly Simmons, PO Box 463,
Lagunitas, CA 94938
(415) 488-4177
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